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Problem resolution

Welcome to HTML2JPG

Did you ever need some screenshots of a website?

Did you discover that the 'Alt-PrintScreen' key combination only captured the visible part of the window and that you wasted quite some time glueing all the pieces together to obtain your final image?


HTML2JPG creates a BMP, JPG or PNG image with the whole 'vertical' content of the webpage.


Did you need to resize the images or produce thumbnails?


HTML2JPG produces an image of the size that you specify.


Did you need to send screen captures for resolving problems?


Click here to read more about problem resolution and screen capture.


Finally, did you have to do it all over again for other webpages you wanted to capture ?


HTML2JPG can operate in batch-mode and generate hundreds
of images without your intervention.



Warning: Our HTML2JPG software has reached 'End Of Life'.
We are not giving any support or updating our software any more.